Рон Уайт: Проблемы поведения

Ron White: Behavioral Problems

Год 2009
Длительность 01:00
Страна сша
Жанр комедия
Премьера в мире 19/04/2009
Режиссер С.Б. Хардинг
Продюсер С.Б. Хардинг, Барт Липтон, Джон МакДональд
Сценарист Рон Уайт
В ролях Рон Уайт
Maybe he can't fix stupid, but Ron White sure does deliver the laughs in his brand-new Comedy Central special "Behavioral Problems," another brilliant addition to his already impressive resume, which also features the wildly successful "They Call Me Tater Salad." Riffing on such wide-ranging topics as the unintended consequences of excessive drinking, his unique approach to funding the war, and joys of a bidet, Ron White proves that he still hasn't solved his behavioral problems.

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